​​​​​​​​​​​Going FFAR to Rescue Pets in Need

​​​​​​​​​​​Furry Friends Animal Rescue​​​

by her Foster Mom

This sweet little girl is Amelia.  She is a 10 month old female Yorkshire Terrier.  She has come a long way
from when we first saw her huddled in the back of the shelter crate - terrified, matted, dirty, covered in
urine, and infested with more fleas than we have ever seen on an animal. She had so many fleas; she
was suffering from hair loss from where she was scratching trying to get some relief.  I am not sure what
her story was; but it was sad to see her scared and in such bad shape.

Yorkies are terriers- they are a playful, independent, loving, spunky breed-normally full of self-
confidence and game for anything.  She was not displaying the traits you would expect to see in a Yorkie.  
We will probably never know what she went through to make her so shy.  We could tell she wanted to
come over for attention, but was just too afraid.  After a couple of special dog treats, she would inch
over to the front of the cage, grab the treat and then retreat to the safety of the rear of the cage.  The
next day she gradually came to the front of the cage, and she actually wagged her tail a couple times at
a few kind words.  

Once we rescued her the transformation began.  Yorkies are resilient dogs.  She is quickly regaining her
confidence.  Amelia has gotten her first set of shots.  We have gotten rid of her fleas, given her a bath,
cut out her mats, clipped her toenails.  Although we had to cut her hair and she doesn't have the long
coat Yorkies are known for, she is starting to look more like a Yorkie.   Yorkies are born black and will
usually turn to a silver color as they reach maturity.  You can see where her hair is starting to turn the
beautiful silver color that you expect to see on Yorkies.

Amelia gets along fine with other dogs.  She apparently didn't know what a toy was.  When I gave her a
squeaky toy she sniffed at it and then ignored it.  When it squeaked her ears perked up-but she didn't
seem to know what it came from.  Her new pack (my two Yorkies and a Sheltie) showed her how to play
with the toy and make it squeak and she began to have fun.  She can make the toy squeak on her own
and loves to tug with the other dogs.  She is a very loving dog and will follow me around the house.
She obviously hadn't had much training in her previous life.  It wouldn't surprise me to find that she had
lived her life in a crate.  At first she didn't seem to know what grass was but she is learning.   She has
quickly learned that she will be taken outside regularly and has not been having "accidents" in her crate.  
She will "go" outside but she has not yet learned how to ask to go outside.  She gets along with other
dogs.  Her new pack is helping her learn how to play outdoors, although she still tends to stay really
close to me.  Amelia thrives on attention being held and having her ears scratched are among her
favorite activities.  She is getting braver.  She will now go up to meet new people to get belly rubs and
ear scratches.  She loves her chew toys.

It will be a little while before she is ready to be adopted out to a loving forever home.  She still needs to
be spayed.  She also needs to have some dental work performed.  But her transformation is coming
along nicely.  It is rewarding to see her start to regain her confidence and continue her journey to finding
a wonderful, loving, forever home.