December 13th, 2015 - Two donations were made to FFAR in the memory of Barbara Kay Cohen. One from her niece, and one from 3 of her grandchildren.

Her grandchildren’s family adopted 4 cats from FFAR in the summer of 2014. The grandchildren would often take a couple of the cats at a time to visit their housebound grandmother. Barbara called it “pet therapy” and enjoyed it thoroughly.

In the spring of 2015 Barbara’s health worsened and she moved into the grandchildren’s house and was mostly bedridden. From that point on, there was almost always at least one cat in her room. They would sit on the bed with her, sit nearby watching her, or hang out at her window watching the bird feeder. All of these things were a great comfort to her, as well as often being a source of amusement Every year Barbara’s grandchildren save money to donate to a worthy cause, and this year they selected Furry Friends Animal Rescue in appreciation for the joy the cats bring to their family, and as a remembrance of their beloved grandmother.

We are so sorry for your loss and thank you for helping our rescue organization.

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In Memory of Barbara Kay Cohen