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Some Frequently Asked Questions About Fostering Dogs with FFAR

We do ask that you are 21 or over to foster dogs or cats

 How long will I be expected to foster my dog?

 We ask that you be prepared to foster your dog until a suitable "forever"  home is found.  It's impossible to predict how long this will take some dogs are adopted right away and others take weeks or even months.

What happens if I can lo longer care for my foster dog?
We would do our best to move him to another foster home but that may take some time.  If you know you have a situation which may not be good for being a foster parent, we ask that you consider another way to help.
Who pays for my foster dog's medical bills?

FFAR will pay for all your foster dog's vetting.  You will require approval from the program director before taking your foster dog to the vet.

Can I take my foster dog to my own vet?
FFAR has designated vets.  However, we are willing to work with other vets as long as their prices are within our budget.

Does FFAR pay for treatment of my pets if they catch something from my foster dog?

We require that your personal pets are fully vaccinated and that you are prepared to quarantine your foster dog if necessary.  We do not pay for personal pet vet bills.
 What should I do if there is a medical emergency?

You should immediately contact your program director for instructions.  We will provide alternate contacts in the case that program director is not available.

 Who is responsible for communicating with potential adopters?

We will help you with this process until you are comfortable doing this yourself.  Your observations and feedback about the dog will be very important when determining if the new home is suitable.

Will I have to take my dog on his

home visit?

We do ask that you do this to make sure the home is suitable for your dog, as well as meeting any existing dogs.    We will .of course, provide training and assistance until you are more experienced.

Will I be required to bring my dog to adoption events?

You are requested to come to adoption events as often as you can - it's a great way to get your dog adopted.  .  You will be required to stay with your dog rather than just drop off since you are best qualified to answer questions and talk to members of the public about your dog.

Will you provide food and supplies?

We will provide these items when we can but we ask that you are wiling to help if necessary.

What if my foster dog is deemed not adoptable?

We try and avoid this situation by making careful decisions about who we rescue (rather than purely emotional decisions).   Your program director will make a determination on the course of action.

Can I adopt my foster dog?
Of course!  Many of us have adopted our foster dogs!
Can I pick my own foster dogs?
Until you are more experienced, you will be offered a dog to foster - you are under no obligation to take that dog.  When you are more experienced you can make your own choice of foster dog, with approval from program director.