How did you decide on the right name?

Fido?  Kitty?  Max?  Tweetie?  FiFi?  Skippy?  How to decide??  We all know it's not always easy to find just that right name for our dog or cat - there are many lists of names on the Internet (too many to link here!) so we thought it would be fun for you to tell us YOUR dog or cat name and/or nickname and why you picked that name.  Just click on the red button below and we will add your pet's name or nickname to the list - all submissions will be reviewed prior to adding to list.  And don't forget to check out our wonderful cats and dogs who are just waiting for their "forever" families to give them "forever" names!

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My Pet's Name or Nickname


Why You chose that name

Timber (Cat)

He's a beautiful gray with white on his belly and the underside of his tale.
He reminded me of a Timber wolf.

Puck (Cat)

Puck is one of the moon's of Uranus. My younger son loves studying the solar system and I fell in love with the name.

KitKat (Cat - Calico)

This was my stepson's pick. He said "Like the candy bar"

Jamie (Cat)

After Jamie Benn on the Dallas Stars!

Bridgette (Dog)

Bridgette Jones of course!

Mattie (Dog)

Mattie was my first foster and she came with a great set of dreadlocks and mats.

Hoops (Dog)

Hoops was adopted during the NCAA basketball tournament
so what else could we call him.

Ace (Dog)

Short, strong name.

Murphy, aka Murph the Smurf (Dog)

Murphy came to us named.

Charlotte, aka Lottie (Dog)

Two syllables, Samantha didn't fit her.

Cody, aka Codeman (Dog)

Short, two syllables.

Sam aka Sambone Hambone (Dog)

He came to us with the name Sampson; we shortened it to Sam.

Madison (Cat)

My favorite city that I lived in was Madison, WI. I went to school there & worked there for 8 years. She had to be named after my favorite city!!

Parker (Cat)

I lived on 3 different Parker roads in my life and also graduated from Parker High School.
It seemed fitting at the time.

Jadis (Cat)

Because she is pure white, named for the Snow Queen from
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Panther (Cat)

Because he thinks he is one!

Ringo (Dog)

Named after Ringo Starr - we also call him Ringer or Smoochy - don't know where that one came from but probably because he loves to give kisses!

Dawson/ Little Da Da (Cat)

All of my cats have theme songs. Dawson's is to the tune of Little Darling by the Diamonds. It just fits the song so well.

Simon (Cat)

His name at the shelter was "Goldie", but I felt that didn't suit him. His nickname is
Simon Poo-Pie-Man!

Gabber (Cat)

I was told that Gabber was a small, medium haired girl, so I named "her" Gabby. "She" turned into a large, short haired boy so his name became Gabber.

Chester aka Belly Boy (Cat)

Original foster name was Dumplin' but had to give him a grown up name, so Chester.
But then he always had a big fluffy belly, tada .. BellyBoy!

Max aka Nudgy (Dog)

His real name is Max but we call him Nudgy because he nudges everyone with his nose to get attention . Of course, it's very cute.

Baxter (Dog)

He was named by his foster mom - it suited him so we kept it