March 23rd  - Just rescued, and will be available for adoption in a couple of months. This little family is proof of the urgent need to spay and neuter. Kitten season is just starting up and the only reason we even have a kitten season is because people do not spay and neuter their pets. Most kittens/cats do not make it, and end up euthanized since there are not enough homes for them all. This family is one of the lucky ones. Be part of the solution - Spay & Neuter!

March 27th - Mama Ruffles' babies are officially one week old today! This week, Ruffles also took on an orphan kitten the same age as her own that showed up at the shelter without a mom. At one week old, the kittens eyes are still closed; however, they should be opening them any day now. Their ears have started to unfold and they have almost doubled in size from their birth weight. Right now they spend about 90% of their time sleeping and 10% eating. They are still completely dependent on Ruffles for everything and will continue to be for the next couple weeks.

Mama Ruffles and her babies

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April 23rd  - Hi there, It’s Ruffles’ foster mom again.  Remember me?  It’s been a couple weeks since I did an update on Mama Ruffles’ and her kittens.  The reason I haven’t given an update is because Ruffles ended up losing two more of her kittens to Fading Kitten Syndrome.  I tried to do everything I could to keep these kittens alive, but unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans for them.  I was completely devastated and wanted to shield the rest of you from the heartbreak I endured.  Most of the time, the pictures we post show the positive side of fostering and make it look like it’s all rainbows and butterflies.  The reality is, more often than not, we are dealing with sick or injured animals and putting our heart and soul into getting them better so that they can be adopted into loving homes.  As rewarding as it is, it can be extremely heartbreaking and requires a lot of hard work and sleepless nights.

Frito and Dorito, Ruffles two remaining kittens, are now 5 weeks old.  Dorito is actually the orphan kitten that Ruffles adopted a few days after her kittens were born. Watching the three together, you would never guess he wasn’t one of Ruffles’ biological kittens. They are in the process of weaning and quickly figuring out that canned food is really tasty.  They are also becoming a lot more independent, but still depend on their mama for a good snack, snuggle and bath.  They love to play and wrestle with each other and are starting to catch on to using a litterbox.  Frito and Dorito are adorable, sweet kittens that will make their forever families very happy when they are ready to be adopted in a little over a month. 

May 1st ~ Ruffles babies, Frito and Dorito, are officially 6 weeks old today! They celebrated this monumental day by getting their first set of kitten vaccines. As you can see by their pictures, they would have preferred to celebrate differently . They are now eating dry food on their own and will soon be weaned from mama Ruffles. They will then get to join the other older foster kittens in the kitten playroom. 

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April 4th  ~ Mama Ruffles’ babies are officially 2 weeks old today. Sadly, we ended up losing one of her beautiful little babies this week. Newborn kittens are very fragile, especially ones that are born outside or in a shelter environment. Ruffles was rescued the day her kittens were born, but since she was stray she most likely did not have any prenatal care. Although, Ruffles has been a great mom, Mother Nature had other plans for her sweet little baby. Most of these newborn kitten deaths are considered Fading Kitten Syndrome or Failure to Thrive. Unfortunately, there is no rhyme or reason as to why some make it and others don’t. It is just one of the most heartbreaking parts of fostering newborn kittens. Here’s a link to a very good article that explains more about Fading Kitten Syndrome.

The remaining kittens are still growing and thriving in foster care. Their eyes are now fully opened, but their vision is still developing. All kittens have blue eyes at this age. Their true eye color will show up in a few more weeks. Their sense of smell is starting to develop as well. They are moving around more and are also starting to interact with their siblings. This is especially true during dinnertime when they are wrestling for the best seat at Mama Ruffles’ milk bar. They have also started purring quite a bit, especially when nursing or when being given a bath by their mama.

All of the remaining kittens are boys, so FFAR proudly introduces Mama Ruffles’ little chippies:
Cheeto – Orange Tabby, Dorito – Orange Tabby, Frito – Orange Tabby, Tostito – White