Update July 29th ~ Success! Our foster mom who has been rescuing the kitten family at the local Sonic drive through, succeeded in trapping kitten #4! The first three were girls, and this little guy is a boy. He has been named Tater Tot. Foster mom also updates that the last kitten rescued (named Milkshake) was a little shy at first......but is settling in to her foster home and already enjoying lap time and purring up a storm!

Update July 26th ~ Our foster mom who trapped and rescued the last two kittens at the local Sonic drive through, did not give up! She now has kitten #3! "After three weeks of trying we finally caught another one of the kittens at Sonic. We have named this one Milkshake. It's another girl. A little more scared but seems healthy and curious. She’s also a talker!" ~ Stay tuned! Milkshake will be available for adoption soon! 

Sonic and Slushy

And TaterTot and Milkshake

Plus French Fry!
​by a FFAR foster mom

July 3rd 2014~ Meet Sonic who at this point doesn’t realize that life is about to be a whole lot better than it was. As a rescue person I have rescued kitties from several unusual situations including from underneath the shopping carts outside the local Walmart and from a trash dumpster at a KFC when my family was on vacation. Now Sonic has been rescued from yes – the local Sonic where my husband and I had stopped to get a drink.
As we were driving out of Sonic my husband noticed a black kitten foraging for food by their trash dumpster. The Sonic was at an intersection of two very busy streets and definitely not a good place for a kitten to be living. We set a trap (which included crawling under a huge trailer!) for the kitten and the first day he outsmarted us. He managed to push the food can out of the trap without getting caught himself. We found the food can totally cleaned up of every ounce of food just inches away from the trap.
My husband contrived a fix to attach the can of food to the trap and the next day our Sonic kitten had been caught. 

Sonic is understandably scared at this point and will need a lot of work to help him understand that people are good. It’s a part of rescue that sometimes people don’t see – all the work and love that goes into the animals to get them ready for adoption. I’ve had lots of success over the years in working with kittens from similar situations. Sonic will get all his medical care now, lots of love and hopefully soon a real forever family. 

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French Fry

French Fry



Update July 5th ~ When we went to pick up Sonic (read below) in the trap we noticed that there was another kitten in the background watching us. We reset the trap to see if we could catch kitten number two. As you can see by the attached picture we were successful. This is Slushy, Sonic's sister. While we were setting the trap to capture kitten #2, we saw several more kittens watching us so there are still more out there. Day three however, we did not get another kitten in the trap. We did talk to the people at Sonic who told us there were five kittens. They have been feeding them hotdogs every morning!

Based on the kitten's behavior, it does not appear that they are feral. My best guess is that they were at someone's house (probably outside) and when they got bigger they dumped them out by the Sonic. Both Sonic and Slushy, while a little scared, are friendly, loveable kittens who purr so loudly you can hear them across the room. Slushy will actually roll over on her back for you to pet her belly. They are sweet kittens who apparently found themselves in a tough situation trying to survive. They went to the vet yesterday, and both tested negative for aids/leukemia, and they have now had their shots. They are currently in quarantine to make sure they don’t have anything contagious but they should be ready for adoption in several weeks.

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Update September 7th ~ The saga continues at the local Sonic drive thru.  After spending a month trapping the four black kittens found running around at the local Sonic (see below) we got a call from the management there that there was YET ANOTHER kitten behind their store!!  Having spent a month trapping the last family we had been extremely confident there were no more kitties at this location!  We went ahead and set the trap and this morning we had yet another trapped kitten.  This one is obviously not related to the four prior Sonic kittens as it is quite a bit younger.  It is extremely thin and its sides are caved in so it hasn’t eaten very well recently.  We’re guessing he’s about ten weeks.

Upon being released from the trap he was totally tame and let my husband hold him with no issue.  He is a little skittish, he has a loud purr when you pet him and he’s food protective (he puts his whole body over the food bowl to protect it even though he’s currently by himself).  He’ll be taken to the vet next week to make sure he’s healthy but he isn’t showing any signs of illness other than the fact that he is very thin.

Like the other Sonic family this little guy was obviously dumped at one of the busiest intersections by the foster family’s home.  On a positive note, two of the original Sonic crew have been adopted – Sonic and Slushie.  Black kitties have an extremely hard  time finding homes and are the most difficult rescues to adopt.  If you have an interest in one of the original Sonic crew please don’t hesitate to contact us about Milkshake (girl) or Tater Tot (boy).  They are both really sweet kittens who have overcome a lot.  Our new guy is going to be called French Fry and hopefully will be ready for adoption soon.