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Tank is Home!

Tank's Former Adoption Bio and Photos

Tank was rescued from a high-kill local shelter where he had been brought in as a stray. Amazingly, this huge awesome cat was not claimed as he obviously was someone's pet. Tank is vet estimated to be five years of age and however this boy ended up on the streets, he didn't miss many meals while he was out there.

Tank is such a super cool cat! He gets along with everyone and everything. Tank is great with kids, cats and dogs. He has beautiful powder blue eyes and tops the scale with 18 pounds of kitty to adore.

It would be great if Tank could tell us his story, but suffice it to say he is now safe from euthanasia and out of the shelter, but he still needs a place to call his own. Tank needs a forever family with a spot in their heart big enough to handle this huge handsome hunk of burning love.

There aren't enough wonderful adjectives to describe this big old boy with the big old belly. Tank is a giant teddy bear!!! 

It is going to be a Happy New Year for this kitty!Former FFAR rescue kitty, Tank (real name "George"), was happily reunited with his original family on December 29th. 

Through a series of odd occurrences brought on by the hospitalization of his owner, George was brought to a high-kill shelter and slated for euthanasia. Furry Friends rescued him hours before this tragic event was to happen and soon put him up for adoption (see Tank's former adoption bio and photos below).

​When his owners called the shelter, they were told George had been euthanized. Unable to accept this devastating news, they went up to the shelter in person with a picture of George.

​Again they were told he was euthanized, but the volunteer shelter walker happened to overhear the conversation and asked to see George's picture. She remembered him immediately and gave them the happy news that he was safe with Furry Friends Animal Rescue. The rest is happy history.