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FFAR Volunteers

Lisa Meyer

I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember.  Growing up, vacation pictures often showed me ignoring local tourist attractions to focus on petting the nearby cat, dog, horse, or even monkey.  My first rescue attempt was in kindergarten when I felt sorry for the teacher’s lonely pet mouse and unfortunately let it loose in the classroom.  After much commotion the wayward mouse was recaptured and safely returned to his cage.  Since then my rescue attempts have been a little more successful. Over the years my husband has become somewhat resigned to me bringing home the various dogs and cats that I have found wandering alongside of the road and my attempts to find their lost owners. 

I first joined the rescue community in north Texas in 2006 when a local kill shelter asked me to help foster kittens that would otherwise be euthanized. 
This ultimately led to me joining a local rescue group.  Eventually my cat fostering efforts expanded to include fostering dogs.  During my rescue “career” I have performed many functions including cleaning cages, working adoption events, and preparing advertising literature to promote animals available for adoption, as well as fostering cats and dogs.  I have learned there are many essential jobs for volunteers, and even if fostering isn’t your calling there is an important role for you in animal rescue.

Fostering has become somewhat of a family affair.  I have recruited my husband, Steve, 2 cats and 3 dogs into my rescue efforts.  My cats and dogs have accepted that they will be called upon to help socialize my newest rescues.  In addition to petting duties, Steve has been drafted to help with various tasks including donning Easter Bunny and Santa costumes for picture taking opportunities to help place my fosters in loving forever homes. 

When I am not working or rescuing dogs and cats I can be found training and competing in agility events with my rescue dog, Pudge and my Sheltie, Jesse.