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Here's an update from Wink's new family ..

Direct from former FFAR kitty, Wink's, forever home! His new mom says he has been renamed Teddy, as in Teddy Roosevelt, who was also blind in one eye. Chances are high, that the original Teddy did not have it quite as good as this Teddy!

As horrible as this is, this amazing cat holds no grudges. He is absolutely the best, sweetest, most easygoing, AWESOME cat ever! Wink will let you do anything to him and he just purrs in contentment. There is not a living creature he doesn't get along with and even if other cats hiss at him, he has no reaction, continually sending out his love vibes wherever he goes. If wonderful karma comes in cats, Wink has lots of it. His first hour in his new Furry Friends Animal Rescue foster home and he was stretched out like he'd lived there his entire life. He checked the place out and plopped himself down for a nice long snooze. No fear for this guy and the loss of his eye has definitely not made him insecure. Open your heart to Wink if you are looking for one of the truly special ones. What he lacks in vision he more than makes up for in personality. Wink is wonderful!

Here's looking at you, Wink!  

UPDATE - Wink was adopted into his forever home on Jan 5th (photos below)!

Wink was rescued by FFAR from a local kill shelter, but sadly, not before he had been adopted and then returned with both eyes scalded. 

He was adopted from the shelter by a lady and his eyes were runny with a kitty cold so she took him to her vet. This vet prescribed Silvadene as eye drops and this literally burnt his corneas. It is not understood why, as this drug is for external use only and used to treat bacterial infections in burns.
However, the lady returned Wink with her vet records and this was prescribed to use IN HIS EYES.

Both corneas were a mess, scalded horribly, and he couldn't open either eye. He was taken to a vet who tried to perform surgery to separate his third eyelid from the cornea, but sadly, the eyeball was perforated and his left eye had to be removed. The "good" news is that his right eye was saved. He had to have lots of drops in this eye, but he definitely has vision in his right eye and gets around as if he had both eyes.

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