​​​​​​​​​​​Going FFAR to Rescue Pets in Need


Wyatt and Nutella

Please read their stories and, if you are able, help us pay for their medical costs.  This will enable us to replenish our medical fund so we can continue to help the cats and dogs that need our help so badly.
No amount is too small - we appreciate all your donations.  Thank you!

Update - Thanks to your generous donations we have been able to cover both Wyatt & Nutella's medical expenses.
 Wyatt will be having his surgery on Friday 20th and Nutella is doing MUCH better.  
Thank you for giving us the extra help we need to take care of the more expensive medical costs for some of our foster dogs and cats - any further donations will go into the medical fund for future foster animals.

I took him and promised I would take care of him and find him a good home.  When I got him, I noticed that his mouth did not shut properly.  It appeared that his teeth were misaligned, and I was afraid that his jaw was either dislocated or broken.  We have no idea what he had been through prior to being found, but no doubt, he was not in a good situation.  I took him to the vet the next day. 
​Fortunately, the vet said that his jaw was not broken or dislocated, however, his bottom lip had been degloved from his jaw, which basically means that his lip had completely pulled away from the jaw itself.  This will require surgery to repair and needs to be done quickly to keep the area from becoming infected.  The surgery will cost around $300 and as a new rescue group, this is quite a bit of money for us.  Even after all his medical treatment has completed, he will still be adopted out for our normal $135 adoption fee.  In situations like Wyatt’s, we rely heavily on donations to cover the cost of his medical care.  Please consider helping Wyatt in his road to recovery.  Even if you can donate just a small amount, every little bit helps.

~Thank you .. from Wyatt's foster mom
This is Nutella - he was recently rescued from the Mesquite Animal Shelter with a severe case of calicivirus. Calicivirus is one of the viruses that a cat can be vaccinated and protected from; however, poor Nutella came into the shelter unvetted, unvaccinated and unprotected. This virus causes sores in the cat's mouth so that it is difficult if not impossible for them to eat. They soon become dehydrated from lack of eating and die without supportive care. Poor Nutella even had sores down his throat so that it was painful for him to swallow. He was severely dehydrated and has required five days of hospitalization.
Although he is much improved, he is not quite out of the woods yet. Nutella racked up quite a large vet bill and FFAR would be grateful for donations to help out with his medical costs. He is predicted to completely recover and be adopted when that happy day arrives. Nutella is a sweetheart of a cat! If you choose to donate in his name, thanks for helping him and FFAR continue to help those who can't help themselves.
​We can't do it without you!

~Thank you .. from Nutella's foster mom

This adorable little guy is Wyatt.  The name Wyatt means brave warrior, which I thought was fitting since he has obviously been through an ordeal that he can’t tell us about it.  Wyatt came to us from a nice lady who called us saying she had found a kitten.  She couldn’t keep him, but wanted to make sure he stayed out of the shelter.  When I went to pick him up on Father’s Day, she sadly told me that as much as she would have liked to have kept him, they had just lost their home, and tragically her father, to a house fire.  

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Update - July 4th ~ Happy 4th of July, everyone! It's me, little Wyatt, again! It's been 2 weeks since my "plastic surgery" to reattach my lip, so I wanted to give all my fans an update on my progress. This week, I went back to see my friends at 380 West Animal Hospital for a checkup. The vet said that she was pleased with my progress and that everything was healing as expected. She even told me I could start eating hard food if I wanted to! As you can see by my pictures, my lip still sags a little, but nothing like it did before. My foster mom says it's adorable and it makes me extra special. I love my foster mom dearly, but she says in a couple more weeks, I'll be ready for my very own forever home. I can't wait to have my very own family that loves me, goofy grin and all!